If you want to speak Spanish correctly and fluently in a surprisingly short period of time, study with us. Explore our exciting programs, immerse into the language and revel in the culture and warmth of Mexican people. We are in Cuernavaca, Mexico, “The City of Eternal Spring.”

·Spanish courses for all ages and interests.
·Begin classes any Monday throughout the year.
·Study in groups of maximum four students.
·Enjoy cultural activities and weekend excursions.
·Live with a Mexican family.
·Customized programs for groups.

We offer a solid education in Spanish, fun, and much more!

Cuernavaca Language School
Cuernavaca Language School

The CLS also offers individual private instruction for students who, with an advanced ability or a restricted schedule, desire to study at a faster pace. For students who desire special language instruction in particular fields such as medicine, law enforcement, social work or other disciplines, individual sessions can be arranged. Fees for individual specialized instruction are charged at the Individual Program rate.

Cuernavaca Language School
Cuernavaca Language School

Our time-tested program takes an eclectic approach which combines both traditional and current language teaching principles. It successfully develops the four language skills, grammatical reflection and the knowledge and comprehension of the Mexican culture. All instruction is provided by a native speaker and Spanish is the exclusive language of instruction. The program consists in four 50 minute periods daily of Intensive Spanish classes Monday through Friday. To complete the total immersion, we recommend the student to live with a Mexican host family and enjoy weekend excursions to the most representative samples of prehispanic, colonial and modern Mexico. Our school´s teaching format is different among other schools: students do not have to go to a school building. Classes are either at the Mexican host family home or at the teacher´s home in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. The cultural experience highly increases and the student gains more confidence when speaking Spanish. This is a real total immersion program: students talk, listen and even dream in Spanish 24/7! The CLS academic staff maintains continue communication to attend the student´s needs to make the learning experience the most rewarding. We hope you enjoy it!

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